Even in the face of mounting Geo-political challenges, mining continues to represents a major portion of the world economy. Mining is a primary focus for massive institutional investing, and the cornerstone or key economic driver for many countries.

Given the past decade and respective growth within the commodity market, mining companies are tasked with operating in a complex environment characterized by high price volatility, shifting regulations, increasing operational pressures, and ever growing regulation.

With nearly 50 percent of all U.S. electricity generated from coal and uranium and nearly every manufactured good containing some mineral component, mining has never been a more vital industry. (national mining association)

A January 2019 study conducted by Wood Mackenzie found that Japan, Western Europe and China are currently leading the world in the use of HELE technologies that reduce emissions, highlighting the significant opportunity for deployment in the U.S.

Improving the average efficiency rate of coal-fired power plants from 33 to 40 percent by using these affordable, commercially-proven technologies could cut U.S. coal-plant emissions by up to 21 percent.