Whether for nonprofit organizations or Fortune 500 companies, advertising agencies are hired to cultivate brand identities, persuade consumers to switch brands, launch new products, and lobby for political issues.

Today, organizations are faced with finding agencies that understand the full integration between traditional advertising, plan design, marketing and distribution with the ever changing social media communities and their respective influencers.

Through the adoptions of intelligent planning and strategically positioned tools and resources advertising is no longer constrained to a local or national market.

Advertisers are adopting transformational strategies to reach global audiences.

71% of online users are likely to recommend a brand that they have a positive experience with online.

Through innovative digital and analytical advertising methods it is now easier than ever to increase brand awareness, sales and develop the crucial relationships needed to grow.

There is over 3.8 billion social media users around the world - that is nearly half of the Earth’s population.

Amongst these 3.5 billion users an average of 3 hours a day is spent using social media.

Efficient social systems, AI, trend spotting, relevant messaging, audience development, and identifying influencers are efficiently matching businesses with those most likely to use or consume their product.