The Honorable Mr. Thorwald is a corporate executive and has served honorable in the public sector. Mr. Thorwald is the former senior United States Department of Justice Advisor to two U.S. Attorney Generals. He served as acting National Security Affairs Advisor to the U.S. Attorney General and as senior advisor to U.S. Assistant Attorney General on Justice Programs.

Mr. Thorwald was Press Secretary to Michael Reagan and served as press and lead advance to President Reagan, Mrs. Reagan and Vice President George H and Mrs. Barbara Bush. He was Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs and Legislation at the U.S. Department of Education and Consultant to the Inspector General and Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights.

He represented the United States on diplomatic assignments to more than 67 nations, working with senior corporate and government officials including the Holy Sea.  As well, Mr. Thorwald has a remarkable history in corporate leadership. He has held positions such as CEO, COO, Senior VP within multiple sectors within the global economy. The sectors include: alternative energy, oil and gas, technology, telecom, healthcare, transportation and communications.

Mr. Thorwald has lead, consulted and advised world leaders, within government and private sector on innovative and operationally sound business strategy and processes.  Mr. Thorwald is currently serving as the Chairman of The Arizona Oil & Gas Conservation Commission; a member of ADOT Freight advisory group and serves on Governors Regulatory Review Council.

Mr. Thorwald was appointed by the Governor of Arizona to serve on the Governor’s Council on Workforce Policy; The Governors Transportation Vision 21 Task Force and works with Native American communities. Mr. Thorwald was confirmed by the Senate for The Commerce and Economic Development Commission and the Governors Regulatory Review Council.

He chaired the state Employers’ Advisory Council, and advised the Governor and Director of the Department of Economic Security on statewide employment issues. He currently serves on a verity of Corporate Boards and is the managing Member of The Thorwald Group LLC.